Douglas Pleger :: Full-Stack Developer

A passionate artist at heart with a mind for problem-solving.

Started learning the craft of webdevelopment at a coding bootcamp and am happily and eagerly seeking out new opportunities to continue to

grow and development with the tech industry!

jS Chess

A Chess engine built in JavaScript to function in-browser! jQuery is used to dynamically draw the board. Pieces are interactive.

Uses a piece-oriented point-array against a search ran in an alpha-beta tree algorithm to determine best moves!

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PhotoShop


Synthwave fan-site utilizing custom-made graphics. Features "vaporwave" inspired designs.

Easy-to-follow and interactive design. Utilizes the SoundCloud API to pass through random tracks based on artist page.

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Twitter-bootstrap, JavaScript, SoundCloud API, PhotoShop

Ganymede News

A sleek and light HackerNews expy site.

Features working User registry with regex, sends the registered user a custom e-mail confirmation.

Page dynamically loads with most recent posts! Posts can be upvoted and feature comments.

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Stamplay SDK, MailGun, Algolia Search, PhotoShop

CannaCloud Technologies Demo Site

Demonstration site used for local cannabis start-up; made to their specifications and requests.

Features clean, easy-to-follow, cohesive lay-out. Custom graphics and in-laid pop-up form fields.

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, SquareSpace Dev Tools, PhotoShop